Saturday, May 21, 2011

#RaptureFail #HaroldCamping

I don't even understand why people attempt to predict biblical shit on exact days. As a species, we can be kind of sloppy sometimes, so odds are that sometime in the last 2000 years, we subtracted or added a day or month or year here or there. There's another sweet news story out there about how some years between 400 and 1400 might be missing, but I can't find it with mah Googles.

Clear evidence that we have a while to go in terms of upgrading our average intelligence is the fact that this shit makes the major news headlines. If only we were more educated as a society... C'mon Josh, you should get on that.

I know, believing shit that's not true is one of the greatest human pastimes, and we all do it in some form or another, at some point. I still like science though, its a pretty tight belief system.

PRAISE SCIENCE! I will crush the unbelievers like an oyester on mah tummah.


  1. People don't have much to rely on when it comes to understanding humanity's future, so they fall back on this kind of nonsense. It kind of makes sense: science doesnt really tell us much about the sorts of things prophecy addresses, so prophecy wins by default. If only it were politically appropriate to debunk prophecy in public schools.

  2. Science doesnt address the prophecy because the prophecy is non-scientific. It appeals to people who never developed a basic understanding of the fundamental building blocks of reality.

    I would imagine these same people tend to believe in astrology, ghosts, etc.

    I know what lies in store for humanity because I've played several earth simulation games: we're supposed to go into space and start colonizing the universe. Our game might end before that actually happens, though.

  3. I don't really feel bad for anyone who is taken in by this kind of retardation. I hope they all sold their houses and gave up their savings.

  4. 2012 will be a very interesting year, that I predict...