Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Riffs List.doc

Below you will find a riffs list from long ago when I played music in the garage at San Carpino. It would be good musical paleontology to try and figure out WTF all these riffs are:

D-Min, harmony riff, our most common "We must dispose
of these dead Baja days."
Luscious Chords
Velvet Revolver Lick
National Lampoons STP Riff, the one we've been working
on a lot lately.
BMin 3/4 Delay blues
Bmin "Oh-wo-oh-wo-oh where will I be?", turnaround D
to E7
Bmin "I want a real phat tone!", blues riff.
B->A->EMin->G picking, chorus: D-e7-G-f#7-D-e7-G-A
One For Everyone: Emin poppy hit
No Fuckin' Blues: Oldie.
"One way or another." Kevin's favorite.
Drop D, metal riff
Drum 'n' Bass riff
Kevin's rhytmic guitar riff #1
Kevin's rhytmic guitar riff #2
Mike's new cake riff: must remember this one.
GMaj7 poppy weezer riff, "00h... hoo hooo hoo!" chorus
in CMaj7->BMin->CMaj7->A7
BMin picking old "It's the measure of the man."
New CMaj7->Amin->Emin->G
What’s the new malfunction.
Melanie’s favorite Drop-D
A7 funky, Kevin freak-beat song.
New sad, amin b e, e pounding, c chorus, bad ass e funk bridge.
New evil amin B F E, amin B, Cmin Gmaj.. then Gmin… chorus C-C#Maj7 Amin G# Eb F#, C-C#Maj7 Amin G# Eb C.
Happy A, “too much, you’re eating my ice cream”
New 3/4 triplet verse to 4/4 bridge breakdown, B, Dmin, E, E, B, Dmin, E, A7
New Amin picking to C7, chorus picked: C G# F Fmin, “takes one to no one” bridge!!!
Me on keyboard, kev on guitar, Emin, AMin, F, DMin, B

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  1. i remember many of these. A least the ones that mention a few lyrics.