Saturday, June 18, 2011

Read this stupid story idea from many years ago that makes no sense...

A group of total strangers wake up inside an unfamiliar structure. Surrounded by smooth, silvery surfaces on all sides, it’s unlike anything that any of them have seen before. They quickly realize that they are all dressed in an odd manner. To some, the outfits are completely foreign and mysterious. To others, it’s obvious that these people are dressed as if they came from different time periods of the past. They all speak the same language (English) and begin to talk with one another.
There is an almost immediate air of distrust to the entire situation. Conflict seems imminent. Everyone is frightened and unsure. Sideways glances are cast at every turn. Just as the scene is about to break out into total mayhem, a sound slices through the air. The uttering is vaguely musical in nature, yet organic enough that it might be mistaken for a naturally occurring timbre. The unexpected aural interruption leads all of our English-speaking actors up to one of the silver walls, which seems to be vibrating with the sound in question. One of the braver ones reaches out his hand and touches the surface. This one is Frank Kerns, a fireman from America circa 1995.
As Frank places a tentative hand against the reflective surface, the entire scene splits apart and every member of the group feels themselves harshly inserted into a small, dark room. In the middle of this room sits a computer console. It beeps periodically in a steady interval. The dull green glow of the console is magic in the eyes of some in the group--archaic to others.
Kerns of 1995 approaches the workstation and presses “Enter”, in so doing he launches a new display which contains a list of names…

I’m too tired to continue writing this story idea… essentially a group of English-speaking people from different time periods are teleported onto a flying saucer and given a mission to collect certain people. It turns out that the gathering of these subjects is a strategically designed maneuver by humans of the far future to positively influence the timeline.

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  1. Interesting, because this story predicted plot points of future movie/TV shows! It seems you were ahead of your time.