Sunday, July 24, 2011

Damn Barbarians!

So in the early 1400s I decided to commission the building of a trans-Antarctic superhighway, which took about 150 years to complete. Since there is very little ocean in my world and a lot of closed borders (folks that won't let you pass through their lands), I thought it would be more convenient to have a sweet road that went below everybody, so I could pop up for the occasional surprise attack.

Not only have my adversaries used the road several times against me, but those damn barbarians keep building cities in the middle of my road. They must be drawn to the organization and reflective heat of the pavement or something, but they are a nuisance cause they've killed dozens of my workers who just happened to see their archers too late. A moment of silence please, for the fallen Sumerian construction contractors who gave their lives to create such beauty.


  1. I had a sweet game of Civ 5 the other day in which I attained nukes in the mid 1800s. Generally though, I will only use nukes if I have no choice, because I don't want to dirty up the cities I'm about to concur.

  2. That's pretty hot. In my last game I was about to lose the Space Race to China so I went back to an earlier autosave game and nuked the shit out of them, just to slow their progression on the space shuttle. They still ended up winning anyway. This time around I'm about to win, though. I can feel it.