Friday, July 01, 2011

Steam is not as soft as I once thought.

I used to be anti-Steam, because I don't like loader/launcher apps nor any shit that runs in the background. However, I'm finally coming around to the size that is Steam. There are some sweat download deals on there. Last night I obtained Team Fortress 2 for free and also picked up Borderlands GoTY edition for $7.50. I'm now cursing myself for buying Oblivion GoTY on XBOX for $24, because it was available last night on Steam for $6, and it would run so much hotter on my PC. I almost want to blow my wad on it, because it costs less than some sandwiches. I've procured a USB wireless receiver for my PC so I can use my XBOX 360 wireless controller for PC gaming while I pipe my ATI video card output right up the digital cornhole into my 1080p HDTV. It's fucking tight how crisp it looks. Work day must end soon so that I can play with my new toys.

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