Saturday, July 23, 2011

Utter Insanity

You guys would sure like this fine film, if per chance you hadn't seen it... Oh man, its got some cinematography that will blow your mind, and make you laugh really hard. There's no way you won't.

Spoiler alert: One of my favorite scene is when some vatos are trying to challenge him to a race in East L.A. and he just says no I'm looking for directions, and then all the sudden out of nowhere he just goes flying through the windshield in slow motion, and only do we learn after a 30-second pan that its because he hit a concrete center divider. He just wasn't paying attention! That never happens in action movies, it was great.

Then there's a million other parts that are awesome, shocking (literally), and kind of disturbing. In a good way.

I also just saw The Mechanic, a pretty quality film, but you need to see this film first if you haven't.


  1. I need to see all Jason Statham films where he drives cars fast.

  2. Yeah. It's kind of funny how he's been typecast as the fast-driving fighter ever since Transporter. I can just imagine directors and producers sitting around and asking themselves who the ideal man would be for a driving/fighting movie. Jason has a proven track record of being able to both drive fast and fight furiously.