Wednesday, August 03, 2011


God damn it! So a few hours ago I was sitting here thinking, hey it's Aug 2nd which means it's totally Kevin's birthday, so I should post in a public manner like Cleansmanship so as to create proof that I actually remembered on the actual day, but then you know what? I don't know, somehow I got busy doing something probably totally useless and forgot until just a minute ago, at which point I realized it was now past 12am. Son of a bitch! I was so close to actually being (how it feels to be something) on. Well, technically it's still Aug 2nd somewhere on the globe, like Hawaii, so I guess I'm not too completely late, so Happy Birthday Kevin. I hope to be in SB in the near future so as to hang out with you, so we should make that happen. Also, since it's now Aug 3rd, Josh, your mission should you choose to accept it is to wish Sarah a a Happy Birthday on behalf of Raychel, Ian, and myself. Also, since I might still possess your attention, hey buddy what's up? It's been far too long. Maybe one day I will learn how to use a phone. I hope your summer is going reasonably well. As for Cy and Cody, I acknowledge your existences. This ends my semi-annual post.


  1. Yeah. Happy birthday, Hoss. I can now go happily about my life knowing that my flagging existence has been reinforced by the solid buttressing of MQL's acknowledgement.

  2. Dudes...

    I'm in S.B. right now, so Kevin if you want to engage in some post-B-day tomfoolery, gimme a call.

    I have to go to a stupid wedding tomorrow, but will be back on Sunday, I believe.

    Im here at my bro's, player Matt Brown came by yesterday, we had a good time catching up. The only difference with him is, he has wrinkles on his forehead now, like the rest of us do. Well I havent seen Josh's forehead recently.

    Matthew Q: did you see the market today? Hot dog.