Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Its not too late

To be great.

Watching that last video of Thom & Co. made me think I should concentrate more on music, as much as I can, because even though my new workbox has a nice view of palm trees, the harbor and clear blue skies, I don't want to have worked as a boxed chump for the next 20-30 years, just so I can say "Holy Fuck, did I just spend my life doing basically nothing so a bunch of rich dudes could get richer?"

I guess if you have a family to take care of then you kind of have an excuse, and can say, "Well hey, I'm trapped now, I gotta take care of my wife and kid(s) so they don't starve or leave me..." and I guess you have a bit more motivation to pull through the drudgery. 

But since that doesn't apply to me, I am again proclaiming that I want to do what makes me happy, which is make music, dance* and hang out with cool peeps. The modern day workplace is a bunch of bullshit, and though I might have already said it on this blog, I'm pretty sure the cubicle was an idea spawned during a Bildeberger convention as a way to keep people weak-willed and in line.

Step 1: get a new computer, Step 2: get CDJs and/or Serato, Step 3: get good at mixing my own tracks into other tracks and then hit up my DJ friends for some entry-level gigs. OK, ready? Set... GO!!!

*I don't really dance until I am at least 4 beers deep; up until then I just do a head-nod thing.


  1. Right on. Heres some hot tech to consider if you want to use Ableton Live.


  2. I don't really do anything creative anymore, but I try to work chops on the semi-regular tip.

  3. I've heard many clean things about Ableton Live, I will definitely look into it. I just need a CPU with the horsepower to handle that stuff first.

    Chops-building is essential to productive creativity.

    I should invent some scale exercises of my own and try to do them 15 minutes a day. But my motherboard audio is all fuzzy and it pains me to listen to anything through my computer right now.

  4. I need to find a better balance between chops and creativity. I try to do this by (for example) making up some hard to play chords in some insidious sequence, but I need to go further with hot longer-form arrangements. I just love my little loop nuggets too much.

  5. Maybe we should try recording some of our hottest little blasters then mashing them all together using creative editing.

  6. You should release an album called "Scales", which is just you guys arpeggiating scales in tight unison with fat effects pedals. And you can dress up as lizards or snakes for the album cover.

  7. Scales for fighting (in the key of ski)