Friday, August 12, 2011

Peep this hot technology!



  1. Why you gotta make it harder for me to hate on Kinect?

  2. The Kinect technology as a platform has a lot of possibilities. We may actually be using a Kinect-like PrimeSense sensor in our next robot platform at my work. I think Kinect as a gaming console is suffering from the fact that Microsoft is too focused on the "casual" gaming market, trying to emulate Nintendo's Wii for the win. It would be interesting to see a real world-class, killer app, for-grown-ups-type game on the Kinect. Has this happened yet? I suppose it may just be the sad truth that a classic controller is a more immersive way to interact with the game world.

    Which reminds me, did you know that 'immersive' is a very new word with a specific definition pertaining to digital 3D simulations? It's notably absent from the Merriam Webster online dictionary, amongst others. Any predictions on when the word 'immersive' will be officially adopted? I say within 10 years tops.

  3. That's very interesting about the word immersive. I always thought that immersion in video games was the same thing, essentially, as the general concept of immersion.

  4. My problem with Kinect is that I think it's misdirection. I don't think the control scheme has anything to do with the game. A good game is a good game and everything else is a distraction to me. This is why old games continue to appeal to me despite their outdated graphics. This summer I played through Knights of the Old Republic and Metroid Prime, and I didn't care that the graphics aren't up to current standards. The "game" part of the game is what gets me.

    Speaking of which, Mass Effect 3 is going to have a Kinect component where you can call out squad commands instead of pushing the d-pad. However, it's lame because if you say, "Wrex, go right!" he doesn't go right, Shepard repeats what you said, and then Wrex would go right. So it's really redundant, and it would take me out of the game. Beside that, I think Mass Effect 3 is going to be the greatest game ever.