Sunday, September 04, 2011

also, country music sucks. happy labor day!

Its the sound of stupid. Its the sound of devolution, a regression to the previous mean. I used to complain about modern rock rehashing elements from the 60s, well these fools have been warming over the same piles of shit since the 1920s. Country music isn't a taste; its the default for people who never went on to develop taste.

Much like how AM radio is the default media and Dancing With the Stars and American Idol are the default television shows, its not an individualistic decision to occupy your time with these things. They are all provided in 99% of American households on a regular basis, for free, and require no thinking or effort to obtain. So country music is not a "taste" because that word infers self-developed individuality, something obtained only after applying some effort to deviate from the norm. Enjoying country music or these other things is more like enjoying a lobotomy or subconscious instruction than enjoying an art form.



  1. Way to take the hard line, Rus! While I generally don't enjoy country music, I won't begrudge John Q. Hillbilly's predilection for the twang-a-dang cock rock. Musical taste is so subjective, but I do understand the argument that some music is inherently less complex and more formulaic. Then again, complexity doesn't always beget goodness, and some of the cleanest riffs are the simplest ones. I sound like a waffling politician.

  2. Even though our particular brains and backgrounds are likely more suited to enjoy chromatic chords, unusual song structures and timbre variation than the average music listener, and we can't hold it against people for being easily manipulated, I just think that turning on the radio or network programming as a source for entertainment means one has given up the will to think for themselves. They are now just awaiting instruction because its easier to do that than discover something new and original.

    So this basically covers all genres on FM and AM radio, its all designed to lull people into a sense of complacency so they won't quit their jobs and will buy the products advertised in commercials. Country music is just the biggest offender to me because its the most ubiquitous and the most unoriginal of the major formats.

    My brain has to be on an autopilot setting so deep that I'm not even aware of its existence in order to "enjoy" George Strait or Kelly Clarkson or something along those lines.

  3. also, I still believe Johnny Cash fuckin' rocks. but that's because there was nobody like him before him, and has been nobody like him afterwards. except for Dewey Cox.

  4. I do share the hatred for country. And reggae. Which is just country for stoners. But Bob Marley is great. He's not reggae. He's 'mellow island rock'.

  5. dude you need to check out Jawaiian. its the blandest blend of Hawaiian and Jamaican music you ever thought was conjurable.