Thursday, September 22, 2011

REM broke up....

...which is interesting because they were together for about 49 years. I havent really listened to their music much since 'Monster' so this doesnt matter so much to me. It's still somewhat sad, much how Michael Jacksons death was sad despite my contempt for mediocre R&B and child molestery. Although, after MJ died, I did find some of his music interesting in a new way (probably because I was simply exposed to more of it in his wake). Maybe it'll be the same with REM. Theres gotta be some nuggets on those post 'Automatic' albums that I can't name.

That being as it is (and this clause being as extraneous as it is), this is all just an excuse to lambast Jack White for his continued collaboration with the Insane Clown Posse. Sometimes my nagging doubt about a musician/band is vindicated in beautiful and akward ways, and I don't feel like such a jaded douche after all. Like when Gwen Stefani sold out as thoroughly as possible.


  1. I think it's almost inevitable that REM will have one or more comeback tours. Of course, the bigger news of the day is the claim made by some Euro Boyz that they successfully blasted hot neutrinos through a faster-than-light data pipe.,0,497738.story

  2. There's a few choice nuggets after Monster... I actually really enjoy At Your Most Beautiful because I'm a sucker for good songsmithing.

    But yeah, REM kinda died for me along with that part of the drummer's brain when he had a stroke on stage a few years back. I used to know his name but had to clear space for upcoming artists.

    And how about the Cure unquitting for the 47th time? They should have quit with Bloodflowers in 2000, their legacy would have been so much cleaner.