Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dr. Fuckrad Murry

This is a list of peeps I hope disappear from the planet after this blog post, so I'll never have to hear about them and their intellect-evaporating trivialities ever again. I've given them WWW names (or WCW, whatever you prefer) to highlight their "specialties":

Dr. Connie "Nutrod" Murray, aka The Undertaker
Casey "Jones" Anthony, aka Queen Manson
Amanda "No-knocks" Knox, aka The CIA Jackyl
Andrew "Un" Breitbart, aka the Tea Bagger
"Dirty" Dr. Drew "Pinskinhead," aka The Great White Hope
Alex "Jonestown" Jones, aka The Koolaide Assassin
"Rowdy" Ron Paul, aka The Fed Killer

I actually like Ron Paul and I hope Obama makes him the next Fed chairman.
I probably got more but will finish them later


  1. I'm glad you put D.Drew Pinskin in there. My displeasure with his existence has slowly evolved like the mammalian dominance enjoyed with impunity by the beasts of an earlier post. I still listen to loveline once in a while, if only to marvel at Psycho Michaelia's resounding commitment to his knob polishing duties.

  2. If Dr. Drew wants to help people, why doesn't he ditch "Celebrity Rehab" for "Ghetto Rehab," where he tries to talk sense into preojects crackheads that scurry around trying to bite him. At least then he would be doing some service for society.