Sunday, November 06, 2011

Meta-post clarification...

I want to make sure ye all are aware of a certain situation which transpired some weeks ago. At this point I must resort to bullet forrm to insure the integrity and logical flow of this post.

.5) Ski.

1) I failed at successfully completing a blog post about some business, though some residual post matter was left behind.

1a) I considered deleting the post but did something else instead.

2) Cyrusfx took notice of this failure and commented upon such thread, 'the post that was a ghost'.

2a) Then some time passed.

3) I then secured a new lease on life for the post by putting up an image of the "Ghost Ship" movie poster. The cycle was complete.

3b) I became curious as to whether anyone else noticed.

4) This post was created a month or so later to clear up the confusion and bring us one unit closer to our posting quota for the year.

5) Tandoori Ovens are effective.


  1. the idea is we create posts by modifying messed up or fragmentary ones. It would be like blog art.

  2. I noticed the appearance of the 'Ghost Ship' picture, but I wasn't sure who had placed it there. Mystery solved.