Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too much kehk in the mowth.


BTW, I'm far too laced on a weeknight.


  1. Sheeet I ain't got no cervix, and you won't find my mouth on no johnson. I always thought that shit was dirty.

    "It usually produces no symptoms and is typically cleared from the body through natural processes."

    .. but sometimes it will kill you through your mouth.

    My new job has me looking up info for vaccinations half the day. Its crazy how many different pieces of microbial filth there are that will fuck your kids up.

    Providers stopped ordering the live polio vaccine and the rabies vaccine in recent years, I noticed. That's because unofficially, the vaccine can mutate into an activated strain and actually cause what its trying to prevent, supposedly.

  2. Whats the STD rate in IV again? I forgot, but I remember it was outrageous.