Monday, February 20, 2012

A fine, balanced smoke. And best of all, it's not 'fire safe'.


  1. I like the red Bali, I think its actually the lightest of the 3 bag colors. But a couple of years ago I switched to Danish Export because its cheaper (and lighter on the lungholes, too)

  2. The smoking of lung-ending cylinders is a realm I've tried to avoid, knowing that my preexisting vice of alcohol consumption is probably lacing my heart and mind enough already. It's hard to make a determination about which is more health raping, as that will vary depending on the individual and the relative excess of each type of intake.

  3. I rarely smoke actual cigarettes (probably 1 a month), so I'm trying to convince myself that by smoking an average of 1 cigarette's worth of tobacco per day I'm avoiding carcinogenic heat blasts. I also like to cool down the throat as soon as possible.

    But we all know its not really clean to simulate a forest fire in your lungs ever day.

  4. I've been wondering which color corresponds to which intensity. I think the beige is mid-power, but I'm not sure if blue or red is the full blaster. The guy at the smoke shop didnt seem to have reliable knowledge.

  5. I would guess that red is full bore, based only on the fact that red is generally used to indicate danger or heat. I wonder if this stems from the fact that, in the animal kingdom, red often hints at the presence of poison. Of course, there are the faker animals who have red, but only for show.

  6. Kevin, Red is the lightest, white is mid and blue is full blast. I know from years of purchasing and inhaling bali shag.

    But I can't recommend
    Peter Stokkebye's Danish Export highly enough. It was at Santa Barbara Tobaccos on Anapamu last time I was there so don't be afraid to ask your local tobacconist.

    The Danish Export smokes mellow aroma and light texture almost makes you forget you are mere centigrades away from setting your lungs afire, yet the bold, fresh flavor reminds you that you are getting that nic hit you've been constantly craving, for the last 15 minutes or so.

    These are tins, but I go through about a pouch (smaller size) every other week:

    I should just buy from them if shipping costs weren't rape-like

  7. Its also a dollar or two cheaper than Bali Shag. And I realize Bali Shag claims the white bag is the lightest, but they're wrong.

    Danish Export
    Tobacco Selection: A superior blend of top quality Virginia tobaccos from 3 continents.
    Tobacco cut: Extra fine cut.
    Tobacco Flavor/Aroma: Light aromatic – Virginia taste. Mild.
    Blending Options: Easy to roll by machine or by hand.