Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Brown Show reaches its 100th Episode

Hey Josh, that's a pretty cool feat. Dang I didn't know you were so hardcore about games. I guess I did, in the back of my mind. Dogs Die sounds like Cameron, do I know who Smelly Pirate is? You have a natural podcasting/radio voice.

I like the changing theme songs, which have an underlying theme even though they are different. While I may not buy or play a whole lot of games, I do enjoy the humorous banter and wit. And the word of the week segment. Are you going to continue doing a show thru iTunes?

We should make a Cleansmanship podcast, but we'd be the only ones who listened to it.

Oh and I didn't mean to shit atop Matt's rare post, I noticed that he published it while I was making this one.

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