Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hot blog stats!

Have you guys checked out our blog stats? Go to the admin interface and then hit the 'Stats' tab. You can see all sorts of cool stuff, like what search terms have been used to find our blog. What's amazing is that 'asian' is the number one term used to find us.


  1. I was trying to make a poll right when you were writing this, but for some formatting reason it doesn't display the poll question and the color scheme is all fuckled, so fuck it. I'm going to slightly tweak the font and the background, tho, to make up for my unability to make a poll.

  2. I'm colorblind between blue and purple so if you want to revert the post and/or blog background, I won't take it personally. I just dont want it to look too gender confused

  3. I like both blue and purple. Let's roll with it.

  4. Its so weird that this post has almost 3x as many views as the next closest post:

    I can understand the next two, they are people searching for particular products, and then the rest are people searching for news items, or whatever the fuck.

    Its also interesting that Firefox is the #1 browser used to access Cleansmanship.

    I think you'd be pretty disappointed if we sold out and went for the AdSense, though.. We'd need like 10x the amount of traffic we currently get to make more than a couple dollars a month.

  5. Oh well that top post is where the people who typed in "Asian Woman" were directed. That explains it.

    Also, under the Stats - Overview menu, there is a little link on the right-hand side that says "Don't track your own pageviews." You should click it so we dont artificially interfere with our outside visitor count.

  6. I understand it now. In the HTML page source for that post, the name of the image file has "asian-woman" in it, so that's how we're getting that search traffic. I'll disable the local page view tracking.