Friday, February 10, 2012

The Lydian Chromatic Concept...

Take a note and stack fifths from this tonic up through all 12 tones. This will give the Lydian Chromatic Scale, the overlord parent scale of all western music. It's called the Lydian Chromatic Scale because if you compress the first 7 or so tones into an octave, you get something like the Lydian mode. Tonal gravity emanates from this nexus of intervallic unity. Harmonic/Melodic movement across this zone can then be characterized as more 'ingoing' (inside) or 'outgoing' (outside).

Life, Love, Tonality.

The ridiculously expensive book is available to tor hunters.


  1. If tonal gravity exists, then it's obvious that untold quantities of musical energy have been absorbed and trapped for all time within a tonal black hole inside Paco De Lucia's pancreas.

  2. I like this picture. I'm guessing that he is enraptured in musical ecstasy and is sort of conducting with his hand. However, if I saw this image out of context, I would assume that he's some kind of Mafia boss who is holding a revolver to the head of a snitch who is just out of frame. He has this angry look and is sort of waving his hand as if to say in a thick accent, "You fuck with me and you get fucked with."