Thursday, February 09, 2012

The YouTube effect

Its a weird phenomenon that on days where I spend a lotta time reading news or watching news-related videos on YouTube, I feel like the world is fucking melting down from every angle imaginable. Then I look outside my window and its just blue skies, birds chirping and green vegetation slowly rustling in the wind.

There's so much terrible shit going on in the world, but it ain't happening right here, so what can I really do about it? Just be thankful really.

Bill Hicks had a good routine about CNN, where he says something along the lines of how the major news networks are always creating a panic, re-running stories about WAR, FAMINE, DEATH, AIDS across a 24-hour news cycle. Then he opens up the front door and just hears crickets, and proclaims Ted Turner is making this shit up, man.

On days where I watch a lotta comedy or listen to a lotta music on YouTube, my take on the state of the world is decidedly different, along with my mood as well. Its good for the soul to alternate between the pain of reality and the pleasure of imagination. The trick is to derive pleasure out of reality, I suppose. But then again, is there any other way? This is getting too Mettaworld P-Z, so I'm out.


  1. I prefer to just play Skyrim and avoid reality as much as possible.

  2. I deleted all my games in an effort to encourage myself to work more on audio, but alas here I am just chillin with no games. Nah but really, I've been working on audio a little bit. I should probably go do that now.

  3. My unrelenting hatred of fascism is pushing my arppegio chops to new heights. Each properly executed intervallic movement is like a giant middle finger to the establishment, esp. Ann Coulter.

    Sometimes the insane shit that happens in the world is so fucked it's just entertaining, as if God is writing a large scale Onion article that is the world.