Friday, March 16, 2012

Hyundais tricked out in Christmas in July... 6.2%

I remade this song with just my favorite parts.

The mp3 sounds much better than YouTube.


Huge Larry said...

What is that he says after "Yo ese what!?"

I always thought it was something like "You're my dog!" or "You're my nut!"

cyrusfx said...

I thought he was saying "Hit my nut!" Its kinda indecipherable.

My favorite part is when he calls out Norman Schwartzkopf for his custom clothes that he owns.

YouTube's audio compression algorithm is fucked up. I spent like 3 hours getting the cuts just how I wanted them, and then YouTube has to further compress an already-doubly compressed track, makes it sound distorted. Dammit.

Mondu said...


Mondu said...

I too hear it as 'he my dog!'