Friday, March 30, 2012

iTunes Data

Ranked below, you will find the top artists in my iTunes library based on how many albums I have from each. I show only those for which I have three or more albums.

10 - Radiohead
8 - Foo Fighters
6 - Elliott Smith
6 - John Williams
5 - Beck
5 - Pearl Jam
5 - Weezer
3 - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
3 - Coldplay
3 - Genesis
3 - Stone Temple Pilots

I think that's pretty representative of my favorites, both gay and hard.


  1. for Genesis, do you have Selling England and then the two I Can't Dance live CDs?

    you would enjoy, i've had an account for 6 years. it keeps track of everything that you listen to, and its got some pretty sweet API apps. my top ten artists by plays - which includes comedians, podcasts & DJs - are:

    Adam Carolla
    Jay Dee (J-Dilla)
    Expansion Broadcast Crew
    Marc Maron
    Brian Eno
    Doug Benson
    Flying Lotus
    Roots Manuva
    Nick Di Paolo & Artie Lange
    Boiler Room

    Radiohead makes an appearance at #12.. they used to be in my Top Ten, up until recently. I should put some of their albums on repeat for a while.

  2. I have 'Selling England...', one of the live 'I Can't Dance' albums, and 'Invisible Touch'.

    You're probably right that would be clean for me. I've been sort of cloistered in my old music--never listening to new things.