Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just had a YouTube argument about the spelling of "Kool-Aid"

I need a job. Again.


  1. Cuh-Hool-Layed

    Need that extra syllable in there for flavor.

  2. I'm realizing this now (and not saying I'm not subjectable to this), but I guess adult humans have, for the most part, always been hard-headed goons. Meaning, by age 24 they've established 98% of their belief system and their minds cannot be changed except for in the 2% region.

    Its just that YouTube and other modern communications make this phenomenon more readily apparent than it once was.

    I was hoping we would enter a new age of reason with the internet, now that reality-based information is pretty much readily available for anybody who has the desire to obtain it.

    But nope, we are still just a bunch of sophisticated, hairless apes, for the most part... I guess technology can't speed evolution.