Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's Paul Shih...

Paul Shih, DJ K-ing at Sisters in Sound at Lotus (

.. on the left. I'm pretty hammed right now and I almost forgot left from right for a moment (not really; it was more a moment of deep self-doubt), but the one thing I needed to do before going to bed was make sure there was a blog post on teh intratubes about Paul Shih, owner and manager of the Lotus Soundbar in Honolulu, and quite possibly the greatest connoisseur of sound frequencies I've ever encountered.

Paul is the kind of guy that knows the high mid highs from the mid high highs and hears things that ordinary men are incapable of comprehending, using his superpowers to promote good for the fledgling electronic music scene here in our peaceful isle metropolis..

So here's to Paul. Fx out.


  1. Seems like a nice man.

  2. He is incredibly sociable, like a politician. But at the same time incredibly fierce when it comes to audio quality assurance.