Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cops pick up Occupiers, get them high, drop em off.

So here is a thing that happens.  


  1. So if I fail a drug test, I can say its not my fault, the cops gave me a bunch of weed last night. Sweet.

    I don't smell a conspiracy here. I think the local police captain of Buttfuck, Minnesota just decided it would be easier to round up weed smoking volunteers at an OWS hangout, rather than go through the proper/established channels.

    Plus the only other coverage I can find of this was on Alex Jones' website, so I'm pretty sure its _not_ a conspiracy.

  2. I know this makes me a bad person, but I have trouble looking at the face of the mongoloid guy who appears on the freeze-frame image of this video clip. It hurts me.

  3. Haaaaa...

    You just pwned me by upgrading to a more powerful mongoloid. Actually, I think this one's easier on the eyes.

  4. Mungle Lloyd Meltdown