Monday, May 07, 2012

George Wallace has some amazing Tweets

He's this comedian from the south I've never actually heard, and I don't even have a Twitter account, but these are amazing.

Shout out to sepia tone. Makin' things brown since 1957.
Shout out to dungeons, but dragons need to get outta my face.
Shout out to hyphens, suddenly makin' any two words a word.
Shout out to the Cobra Kai.
Shout out to Tubbs. Crockett can take his little pet alligator and get the hell on.
Shout out to a tisket. But if I ever see a tasket I will punch it right in the facebone.
Shout out to ceasing. Desisting can go straight to hell.
Shout out to pencil fights.
Shout out to softened criminals.
Shout out to that movie with all those gremlins.
Shout out to that sitcom with all the hilarious miscommunications.
How come folks only wear catheters when they're hurt? I wear mine 24/7. At meetings. The movies. You see George Wallace,he's peein'.

And my personal favorite:

Shout out to hands, picking things up and pointing and whatnot.


  1. Shout out to Wally Joyner.

    Shout out to blisters, putting some extra padding on that shit just for me.

    Shout out to Jailhouse Rock. Schoolhouse Rock can go get raped by the jailhouse.

    Shout out to Kevin Spacey, always doing something cool when you least expect it.

    Shout out to pinto beans, the rightful elite of the legumes.

    Shout out to Kim Jong Un for keeping things real - real poor and dark.

    Shout out to antimatter.

    Shout out to anyone who's successfully put the ship in the bottle.

    Shout out to Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse can eat a shit smoothie.

    (those are mine)

  2. I liked him in "The Wash" as the crazy owner of the car wash. There's a ridiculous scene where he's playing some kind of cheesy FPS using a big joystick.

  3. Shout out everywhere to shout outs everywhere.

    I should see that movie.

  4. It's kind of poor, but has a few moments, which is what you'd expect from any movie staring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.