Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Speaker & Power Requirement Nerdery

 "Sound covers a range of ten octaves, and we've only got one with light which is the rainbow. So it's quite easy to get a full range of frequencies of light out of one light bulb because you've only got one octave, but in sound you have ten. So the differences between the top octave and the bottom octave in terms of wavelength and the amount of energy you need to make them is huge. The engineering requirements are almost contradictory between the top octave and the bottom octave, and that's why it gets divided between woofers, mids and tweeters—or even four or five ways. It's very hard to get all the frequencies out of one speaker because it's so broad." - Tony Andrews, excerpt from The esoteric art of great sound. 

I also liked this end paragraph:

"A human being's hearing is capable of more than we could possibly measure and understand. We need to treat audio and human hearing with the respect that it deserves, and we need to push it forward. All we can do is get the technological sound of it as perfect as possible, but there are still things we don't understand about how humans react to sound. The only thing we all agree on is that when's it's right, it feels amazing."
- Rich Cufley


  1. Crisp highs, punchy mids, and round, brown lows.

  2. No more coke for the sound man.