Friday, June 01, 2012


Batman sure had to fight a lot of badmen before he became Michael Keaton.

Michael Caine is extremely old now, as well.

Those pictures are from the second trailer but I think the third trailer is the cleanest. And it has the most Bane footage.


  1. Yeah. I'm excited about the prospect that Bane might be portrayed well. The way he was depicted in Batman 4: Clooneyman was horrible.

    Here's a good bane pic from the comics.

  2. his biceps have biceps that have biceps.

    did you read the statement by the mom of the face-eating man? she says he would never eat no faces, and he was a nice, normal, well-adjusted man, even tho he was caught eating a face. maybe I read it wrong and she just said he wouldn't eat _feces_.

    The face-eater should be a villain Batman has to face, as warm-up to Bane.