Thursday, June 28, 2012

Faces of meth.

Bad to worse. Pwned to done. Skid to feltched.

And last but not least... Merxican to Durksican..


cyrusfx said...

#1. Oh YAH! I think he actually looks better in the second photo.

#2. WTF son? Somebody buy that guy a tube of Clearasil. Wouldn't matter cuz he ain't got a mirror to look into when he puttin it on.

This is a bit off-topic but today I saw two old local, pidgin-speaking guys that just couldn't fuckin understand each other.

"Eh bruddah you go fo dinna yet?"

"What you say brah?"

"Go get dinna yet?"

"Brah no can hear you."

"What braddah?"

cyrusfx said...

The #1 guy in his new form could be in Snatch or a British crime movie, where he plays a henchman who throws his bosses competition into a pen of hungry pigs or something.

Huge Larry said...

#1. He did cut the mullet, which goes a long way, but I think he looks much more squirreled out and depleted in the second photo, as if his bone marrow has evaporated and been replaced with dessicated cat feces.

#2. Notice the leaves in the hair from late-night, meth-fueled gardening adventures.

cyrusfx said...

Hah! I bet he racked up lots of overtime.

I wonder if there's a website that has dudes with 3 successive meth mugshots.

Mondu said...

They should do this for weed, too. Then put the weed shots next to the meth shots @