Friday, July 20, 2012


In case people from the future (hey, that's you!) do a search for the term global klepto-corporatocracy, here's a list of the 10 biggest corporations in the world as of 2012, all of which have received billions in government bailouts, insurance deals or backings, and all of which in turn contribute billions of dollars back to their respective governments via lobbying efforts to guarantee sustained business and/or future bailouts:

Rank Company Country Industry
1 Royal Dutch Shell  Netherlands Petroleum
2 Exxon Mobil  United States Petroleum
3 Wal-Mart Stores  United States Retail
4 BP  United Kingdom Petroleum
5 Sinopec  China Petroleum
6 China National Petroleum  China Petroleum
7 State Grid  China Power
8 Chevron  United States Petroleum
9 ConocoPhillips  United States Petroleum
10 Toyota Motor  Japan Automobiles

† not really; its actually a multinational corporation

Here's last year's full list of the world's 500 biggest corporations. Fannie Mae - a "mortgage company" which was "spun off" from the government in the 60s and nearly went bankrupt as a privatized corporation before receiving hundreds of billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts - is still at #15. I find that to be rather, well, fucked up, Watson...

Also, there's only 15 days left on the secret poll. So vote now, or vote later, because I'll probably extend it a few years next time I dig into that code.


  1. I expected to see Microsoft on that list, but I guess they just don't have the sheer size.

  2. Apple is #12 in terms of growth and revenue. Like Microsoft, at least they produce something tangible that is rather encompassing of the forefront of fun technologies.

    On the other hand, Fannie Mae is #1 on that list, and Freddy Mac is #3. They both contributed hundreds of billions - if not trillions - to the national debt. And does anybody really, truly understand what they do anyway?

    They just keep a shitload of the profit, and let society share the burden of their unprecedented, collosal fuckup. Fucknuckles.

    At least its Friday.

  3. We gonna get raped.