Friday, August 17, 2012

Cleansman fantasy football league would be clean...

I'm sloring around, using the weightroom, pool and jacuzzi at my girlfriend's housing unit facilities, now watching some sort of what I believe to be a pre-season football game between Detroit and Baltimore. I hope its still pre-season cuz it got me thinking we should do a Cleansman fantasy football league. Yahoo has a good, free one. I can send you guys invites via email... What do you think? We need at least 4 players I believe. Here's a visual aid to help get you excited about the possibility:



  1. I'm up for it. I've never tried it, and I'm interested to see what it's like. I generally don't follow football, so I'll probably suck, but perhaps this will get me more into it.

  2. Since I don't have an email address for Josh or Matt, here's the low-down to sign yourself up for the Cleansmanship fantasy football league:

    Hello Lance McNugget,
    This is to confirm that you've created the Custom League named Cleansmanship and the team called Brownhole Rapers in that league.

    To allow other managers to join your league, send them the League ID# and Password. In your case, the ID# is 594344 and the Password is Bane.

    You have chosen for your league to take part in an Autopick draft. Until the draft takes place, you (and only you) can change the type of draft by using the Change Draft Type option found among your Commissioner Tools, which can be reached from your League Overview page.

    Your league's draft can begin as soon as everyone is ready, but must be conducted by Friday, Oct 19, 2012. Simply use the Change Draft Status option found among your Commissioner Tools to tell us that you are ready, and we'll notify you by email as soon as the draft is complete.

    We have set default player rankings for you, but suggest you personalize them to your liking. All league members can begin ranking players as soon as they want by simply going to the Fantasy Football home page and clicking on their team name.

    Thanks for joining. Good luck.

    --Fantasy Football Commissioner

  3. We need two more before we can keep it hot.

  4. Do you know if Murphy or Zell wants to get in on this? Josh deleted his Facebook page for some reason. Josh make a team.

  5. I asked some folks, but no responses yet.