Monday, August 27, 2012


OK so U.S. and Russia positions make sense (Russia for spambot traffic), but what the hell is Germany doing in our #2 international demographic spot? And Taiwan at #4 seems kinda fishy. Maybe its U.S. troops stationed in non-english speaking countries that give us hits. 

I'm especially impressed with Thailand, coming in strong at an unexpected #8. Japan needs to step their game up, though. I bet they never thought they'd be beaten by Thailand at anything. Except for kickboxing, perhaps.

I have another job interview tomorrow. Not sure if that will make me post more or less.


  1. I talked about smart stuff with them for an hour (medical claims coding & fraud detection software), and made them laugh, so hopefully I'll get a call back.

    The weirdest question I got was "Are you anal?"

    I said "no," but that I understand the importance of having clean data. But I should have said, "No, though other people might disagree."

    I don't know if I'm actually anal. I guess only about certain things.

    "No, but I'm willing to learn."