Saturday, August 25, 2012

I've got an idea for a new line of kid toys

Its going to be a line of stuffed animals... that have AIDS.

To teach the little ones the importance of bagging that shit before they do any dickdiving. And to remind them that everyone they know's got AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS, AIDSAIDSAIDSAIDSAIDSAIDS.

Prototype of Krystian, the teddy bear with AIDS

Have a splendid Saturday, folks.
PS: we still need 1 person to join the Fantasy Football League. Josh, Kevin, Matt?


  1. You're less likely to contract the HIV-ski if your Johnson is cut and clean in the kosher tradish.

  2. There's nothing that will sour a good pr0n session faster than the arrival of an uncircumsized Penis.

    Who's the fucking idiot that is hiring these dudes? That shits disgusting, son. Get your uncut dick outta my face, take it back to eastern Europe or wherever they still don't have the medical technology to perform that shit.

    On a side note, I think its about time we changed the name of "computers" to "portals," because we all know that computation is going on inside the box, but as a society we now use the box primarily as a way to transport our senses to different parts of the world, so to speak...

    We need a smellbox where we can share different odors online.

    I remember in the 80s my parents did have one of those "smell disc" things. Its like an incense disc and you put it in a "player" and it lets out fragrance... Anybody else remember those?

  3. And I realize that the tail and ears makes the animal actually a cat. But he's pretty AIDS-looking for a bear, so lets just leave it at that.