Friday, September 28, 2012

Good ol Fashioned Blog Post #2

The #1 only had a similar title, if it exists at all, but I'm two Primo tallboys in and a hellaski. We're talking black diamond slopes here, son. You can't get on yo lil tricycle lift skis and do a 370 flip off this cliff with me and still hang, son. Hah j/k, you guys, j/k. (ed: man, reading this in post makes me realize we need a new color scheme -- anybody wanna do that?)

OK so the theme for the post will be adding to what I believe to be a previously topic-ed upon subject, which is that cable television is more or less going through a renaissance right now. You know they say Rome put on their greatest shows right before their dying years, when they know shit was going to pot. Right Josh? Anyways, here's a list of good shows that happened in 2012 that you should be watching, or have watched, because they are all truly awesome..ok, I mean, the first list is in order from mindblowing to very, very noteworthy:

Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Hell on Wheels
The Ricky Gervais Show
Aqua Something You Know Whatever
Comedy Bang Bang
Sons of Anarchy
The League 
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Hall of Fame (legends still in production):

South Park
Family Guy
The Cleveland Show
The Office
The Simpsons

Nominees (of noteworthy status):

Key & Peele
Pawn Stars
Storage Wars
American Greed
Real Time with Bill Maher

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weird Thom

That should be the name of this track, but its actually called Electric Candyman. YouTube immediately sent me an email saying they were blocking this video so it might be gone by now. Sorry about that. In which case you can still listen to it here:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Data:  Hey, wanna perform the Turing Test on each other at the same time?

Data:  Ya, sounds tight.

Crescendo + Accelerando

One of the most cleanly performed rock crescendo/accelerando blasters of all time can be found on the Foo Fighters album "The Colour And The Shape" track 13, "New Way Home." It's a slow, steady burn that builds to a life ender. I still don't understand why--in the rules of written English--punctuation occurs inside of quotation marks. It's so counterintuitive (yeah that's one word). It doesn't make any, fucking sense. It's as if you are posthumously imparting punctuation into the passage being quoted. And yes, I know that posthumously means "after death," but you know what I'm saying. By the by, the comma at the end of the previous quote is exactly the fuck what I'm talking about. Everything inside the quote should be unadulterated. It is immoral to allow punctuation to be added, ex post facto, in such a way as to potentially co-opt the continuation of the sentence so as to fit the whims of the quoter. Josh: Was it correct for me to use the em dash above, instead of the comma in the following sentence? "I still don't understand why--in the rules of written English--punctuation occurs inside of quotation marks." ...or is this better? "I still don't understand why, in the rules of written English, punctuation occurs inside of quotation marks." ... I think the em dash is designed to imply that the person writing the sentence was distracted and couldn't bring the original thought home to bear. They digressed, feltched themselves, and then finally brought it home. I abhor sentences that are so long and contradictory that they require multiple parsings in order for said wordage to be fathomed. Done.

Friday, September 21, 2012

This ad is going up in 10 NY subway stations starting Monday...

 These ads are already in place in San Francisco.  Some hooligans took it upon themselves to re-brand the message.

The city is also directly countering these ads with their own disclaimers that appear next to the controversial ads and actually include (no shit) an ARROW pointing to the ads being disclaimed.  It can be seen in this video:

Here's another one from SF:

Links for Info:
NY Times

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bizarro Radon travels from parallel universe to find bag of cash in our continuum.

Under the assumed name of Timothy Yost, a Josh Radon variant from a Borg-ravaged parallel universe set 20 years in the future, has found a home (and a bag of cash) in our space and time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Geopolitical roundup...

1)  Muslims are fucking with American shit in every occupied country.  US is scrambling to bolster troop strength in the relevant areas (mostly embassies).

2)  Israel is making large scale maneuvers in preparation for an attack on Iran even though Netanyahu's support is crumbling.  Further, the US has clearly and publicly stated that it 'will not be complicit' in a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.

3)  Presidential elections in the US are coming up.

 Actually the world tour is ending, right as oblivious Americans realize they had a front row seat the entire time.  The encore will suck.
Protesters burned down a KFC in Tripoli Today.  Wonder what it smelled like.

Get Ready For the Revolution...

 Douche hipster author alienates his viewership.

This is Vice.  This is as mainstream-indie-cool as it gets.  Check out the consensus among the commenters.  Not many folk towing the official line anymore.  Public opinion is shifting RADICALLY at this moment.   Shits gonna get heavy.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You can still bet on the election...

... or climate change, or the downfall of the Assad regime, or whether Julian Assange will be arrested by British police. Pretty crazy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

International recognition of the State of Palestine

Its weird to read up on world movements that we were never made aware of in school and that are heavily avoided in conversation or day-to-day life thereafter. Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. I wonder why Thailand doesn't support the state of Palestine. They're holding out for some reason, like Colombia is too. My favorite are the dot countries. I don't understand why they're still their own countries. Dude your country's a dot, bro. I'm gonna show up there with a Kia SUV and Sly Stallone and we will rename your country Broland. We will of course invite Josh Brolin to be our first president. And if he refuses, we will then ask James Brolin.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prop 12B

Everyone be sure to vote on proposition 12B. (Twelve beers and it looks good, eh.) Argument in favor: Negligible fiscal impact under $20, with a general increase in size, mirth, and girth. This ain’t your grandma’s proposition. Be hard, and take it to the extreme with prop 12B, son. Supporters: American Beer Consortium ZMZ Productions Doug Doogendorfer Argument against: Don’t be fooled by the special interests and other dillholes. If you read the fine print, you’ll see that prop 12B has a hidden and risk of sending you south in a hurry. Funded by maverick billionaire Aaron Zell, this quick-fix plan just doesn’t make sense. Don’t be soft. Join high-powered mutants everywhere and vote NO on 12B. Red wine has been a solid alternative for thousands of years. Supporters: The Producers of “Good Burger” Thomas Riker (transporter clone of William Riker)