Monday, September 17, 2012

Bizarro Radon travels from parallel universe to find bag of cash in our continuum.

Under the assumed name of Timothy Yost, a Josh Radon variant from a Borg-ravaged parallel universe set 20 years in the future, has found a home (and a bag of cash) in our space and time.


  1. My girlfriend told me the story of how some convicted pedo guy that her family knows from the old neighborhood won a $250k settlement. With his money, he would just get fucked up on expensive liquor all day, hand out $20s or $100s to everybody who walked by, and was broke and back in jail 2 months later.

    He probably had a hell of a 2 month-long party, though.

  2. I would have dried the cash out manually. No need to bring a bank into this. John Titor would have known better.