Monday, September 17, 2012

Bizarro Radon travels from parallel universe to find bag of cash in our continuum.

Under the assumed name of Timothy Yost, a Josh Radon variant from a Borg-ravaged parallel universe set 20 years in the future, has found a home (and a bag of cash) in our space and time.


cyrusfx said...

My girlfriend told me the story of how some convicted pedo guy that her family knows from the old neighborhood won a $250k settlement. With his money, he would just get fucked up on expensive liquor all day, hand out $20s or $100s to everybody who walked by, and was broke and back in jail 2 months later.

He probably had a hell of a 2 month-long party, though.

Mondu said...

I would have dried the cash out manually. No need to bring a bank into this. John Titor would have known better.

marchhare14 said...