Saturday, September 22, 2012

Data:  Hey, wanna perform the Turing Test on each other at the same time?

Data:  Ya, sounds tight.


Huge Larry said...

It makes me sad that the days are done for STTNG movies. I wish they would just whip up a few more blasters. It's time for Dr. Moriarty to discover he's been living in a virtual world, become enraged, and then assume physical form as a droid army.

Mondu said...

Data+Picard+Shuttlecraft+MiniHolodeck+PhaserRifles+WeightBench=at least 10 excitement packed seasons.

Huge Larry said...

S1 E1:

Encounter at size town.

S1 E2:

Data's Gay


S10 E32 (finale):

All Huge Things.