Friday, September 14, 2012

Geopolitical roundup...

1)  Muslims are fucking with American shit in every occupied country.  US is scrambling to bolster troop strength in the relevant areas (mostly embassies).

2)  Israel is making large scale maneuvers in preparation for an attack on Iran even though Netanyahu's support is crumbling.  Further, the US has clearly and publicly stated that it 'will not be complicit' in a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.

3)  Presidential elections in the US are coming up.

 Actually the world tour is ending, right as oblivious Americans realize they had a front row seat the entire time.  The encore will suck.
Protesters burned down a KFC in Tripoli Today.  Wonder what it smelled like.


  1. I'll expect to be briefed tomorrow night regarding the latest happenings about Earth.

  2. Or we could just beer big and not be soft. Or some combination of the above. BTW, old school Rusty's was a great choice of venue. We gonna make that place bump with charm and civility and inebriation.