Friday, September 28, 2012

Good ol Fashioned Blog Post #2

The #1 only had a similar title, if it exists at all, but I'm two Primo tallboys in and a hellaski. We're talking black diamond slopes here, son. You can't get on yo lil tricycle lift skis and do a 370 flip off this cliff with me and still hang, son. Hah j/k, you guys, j/k. (ed: man, reading this in post makes me realize we need a new color scheme -- anybody wanna do that?)

OK so the theme for the post will be adding to what I believe to be a previously topic-ed upon subject, which is that cable television is more or less going through a renaissance right now. You know they say Rome put on their greatest shows right before their dying years, when they know shit was going to pot. Right Josh? Anyways, here's a list of good shows that happened in 2012 that you should be watching, or have watched, because they are all truly awesome..ok, I mean, the first list is in order from mindblowing to very, very noteworthy:

Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Hell on Wheels
The Ricky Gervais Show
Aqua Something You Know Whatever
Comedy Bang Bang
Sons of Anarchy
The League 
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Hall of Fame (legends still in production):

South Park
Family Guy
The Cleveland Show
The Office
The Simpsons

Nominees (of noteworthy status):

Key & Peele
Pawn Stars
Storage Wars
American Greed
Real Time with Bill Maher


  1. I wouldn't disagree with many of these, and some of them I just haven't seen enough to form an opinion. I would definitely throw BSG into the top 3, and probably STTNG just because it was a clean hitter in it's day. Maybe this list is only for active shows.

  2. Ever check out the Eric Andre show feat. Hanibal Burress, produced by T&E? Quality weirdness. I would put it up there in the list somewhere.

  3. Also, Walter White is a bad man. He's gonna get his.

  4. Hmm... I'm not quite caught up in my Breaking Bads yet, but I can see that happening in his future. Walter's been a very, very bad man.