Monday, September 10, 2012

International recognition of the State of Palestine

Its weird to read up on world movements that we were never made aware of in school and that are heavily avoided in conversation or day-to-day life thereafter. Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. I wonder why Thailand doesn't support the state of Palestine. They're holding out for some reason, like Colombia is too. My favorite are the dot countries. I don't understand why they're still their own countries. Dude your country's a dot, bro. I'm gonna show up there with a Kia SUV and Sly Stallone and we will rename your country Broland. We will of course invite Josh Brolin to be our first president. And if he refuses, we will then ask James Brolin.


  1. Damn dog its gettin all socio-poitical up in 'her. How about this new, widening US-1$ra3l divide eh? Pretty interesting historical moment here yo.

  2. Yeah I dunno, I don't really have an opinion about the Middle East or Israel as a whole. But it certainly is an interesting time to be a spectator. I like reading about history on Wikipedia. Aside from making music, its what I'm about now.

    I have an article pulled up on Higgs Boson right now. I'm glad we weren't in the universe (of the multiverse) where the euro supercollider created a black hole and sucked the earth up into it. Though the course of that universe is now having jarring effects on our reality, even if only at the quantum level. I can feel it.