Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jokes I Can't Tell on Facebook

1. I like vomiting now. Before it just used to be a nuisance - get in the way of partying or lovemaking and would sometimes lead to crying. Now when I throw up I'm like, "All right, I just lost some weight!"

2. No matter how bad inflation gets, it still only costs $1 to see a pussy.. They may not be pleased if that's all you throw down and then walk away, but that's all that it takes.

3. Realizing that the age of consensual sex in Hawaii is 16 allows me to legally have dirtier thoughts than usual. I guess you could also bring any girl in America to Hawaii on her 16th birthday and she'd be good to go.

Also, I like the new German-friendly blog description. I hope somebody actually changed that and I don't have a virus in my computer that translates certain text to German. 


  1. Today I learned several good things about Hawaii.

  2. 1.) The only thing that bothers me is the unclean flavor.