Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Methman meets Saxman

Just another day on the Waianae coast

There's no real reason to go to that side of the island if you're haole, unless you're an avid hiker, a crackhead or an out-of-touch tourist who didn't read any travel reviews before deciding to visit Oahu.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Heh, Google said "Pussy"

 I'm taking a break from re-mastering my still-existant Reason compositions. I watched this really keen video on YouTube the other day on how to use Reason's mastering plugin to make tracks (for at least drum n bass - close enough for me) sound phat and clean. Its all about tweakin your compression and maximization ratios, apparently.

This Friday's List - most listened-to tracks since 2006

And of course this only reflects songs I listen to on my computer or iPod, that are not in mixes (mixes take up about half of my music listening time). Proud to say that only 26.7% of my Top 15 is dubstep, 13.3% is Radiohead to keep it real, and surprisingly, jazz is the big winner with 40%. The remainder is rounded out by hip hop, instrumental hip hop and Aphex Twin. Overall, I would say its a pretty strange grouping.

I wonder what Ham Rove would have to say about this... Ham Rove, your opinion please?

.... Okay, we'll just go to commercial break and give you a chance to gather your thoughts. Back after this, Ham Rove explains trickle-down economics theory and why money in politics is a good thing.


I'm trying to gain a basic understanding of how to read sheet music and play it on piano. I've got some little apps that help me learn, but it's going to take a lot of time and effort to become at all proficient. In some ways, I feel like it's a waste of time, but it's always bothered me that I can't read music. I feel like it's a realm that has been closed off to me, and I want to pop that cherry. So, what do you think? Will it be worth my while, or would my time be better spent blasting guitar chops?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DJing doesn't have to be just laptop scrolling and auto-syncing

I'd like to introduce you to DJ Packo, one of my fellow ex-SIQ Records-lets who is a really fuckin good hip hop dj. He's been in the scene for years, DJ'd alongside the likes of Qbert and opened for Mos Def before, worked with most of the major local hip hop bands.

But he made the switch to dubstep about 2 years ago. The results have been pretty amazing to watch and listen to live. You can hear his mixes on SoundCloud, but here he is performing at Lotus in a YouTube vid (the visuals really help), on the same stage I did about 6 months earlier.

And Fuck David Guetta. With a capital, bold f. He just plays top 40 eurotrash, jumps around with sunglasses on and looks all French for the chicks. That's what he does. In a DJ battle, Packo could spin him underneath tha mothafuckin earth.

(ps I don't know why YouTube insists on embedding my entire video playlist but thats what it does now)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

And the Verdict is IN!

And the people say, 'Ya, I'm a queer, bring it on!'

A Joyous Victory for the LGBT Community on this Holiest of Eaves!  Cleansmanship Can Now be Counted Among the Illustrious Fag Bastioned Homosanctuaries of the Early 2000s.

I must also give honorable mention to the brave soul who would be unafraid to eviscerate a rapists genitals.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teh bygone days of teh winning.

Ahh... I creamed my jeans when I first heard this bad boy, which caused me to fiercly covet my neighbor's juarez. I can't remember if this unit also functioned as a standard sound card, or whether it had to be paired with something like a Sound Blaster for full audio coverage in games.


Remember the installers for old games where the GUI was colored ASCII, and you would get to select between one of five or so options for audio cards?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Farming Simulator 2013

Keep those beets clean and that corn nicely squared away!


Friday, November 09, 2012

The best Tom Cruise meme of all-time.


I think its just a template for a promotional meme-making competition, but who needs words when you have small man running from flames in big mech suit?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The latest Intrade odds

Awww shit son. Obama be movin up, quite significantly, in addition to yesterday's 3% gain:



UPDATE: Electoral predictions as of 6:00 pm EST

UPDATE II: My L.A. homie Vin's vote. No, its not Vin Scully. But I do consider him an honorary homeboy.

UPDATE III: The post-announcement Intrade finals, 11:30 EST

You can still pick up some Romneyshares at 11 cents a pop. Whoops its 9 cents now.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool

Greetings potential Celebrity Death Pool Necromongers!

Below is a list of rules that will help you pick your celebrities. This is just a partial list of the rules and point system, and the complete list will be posted once the site launches.

A couple of main rules that must be adhered to are:

  1. Thou shalt not murder thy picks. Don’t be a dick. You will be punished on many levels.

  2. If you find anything on this site offensive, you are retarded. If you are offended…immediately leave this site, go away, and just let us heathens have our fun. We are not hurting anyone.
How to Play
  1. Pick twenty (20) celebrities. Per Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, a celebrity is “a famous or celebrated person.”

  2. When one of your celebrities dies, you will receive 100 points minus their age. Example – If Lindsay Lohan dies, you would receive 74 points (100 minus her age, which is 26) plus any bonus points that apply.

  3. Here are a few examples of bonus points. The complete list will be posted once the site is launched.

    • 25 Points - “Solo Pick”. Your dead Celebrity is not picked by anyone else in your pool.
    • 25 Points - Celebrity dies from an accidental drug or alcohol overdose. Confirmed by toxicology before the end of the pool year.
    • 25 Points - Dies of breast cancer in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  4. No animals are allowed for picks.

  5. Only 1 celebrity per pick.

  6. No celebrities on Death Row will be allowed for obvious reasons.

  7. DSCDP takes no responsibility for the death, dismemberment, harm, or diminishment of well-being of any celebrity or person.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why I'm still pretty certain Obama's gonna be president again


People be bettin real money on this shit, even though the biggest bid today was only worth about $40k... If it were hundreds of millions of dollars involved, I assume it would mean Obama would assuredly win the next election, but maybe Intrade is just more reflective of the internet culture and therefore has a younger bias of customers who are mainly rooting for Obama.

We should pick up a few thousand Ron Paul shares right now and try to create an internet buzz that there is a huge, unaccounted-for bloc of RP voters that do not participate in polls, and that millions of 18-21 year-olds are going to show up to vote for the first time for RP. Then we buy some more shares and try to inflate the price, selling all our shares right before election night.

Even if the RP share price rose only a few cents, you could triple or quadruple your investment.