Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DJing doesn't have to be just laptop scrolling and auto-syncing

I'd like to introduce you to DJ Packo, one of my fellow ex-SIQ Records-lets who is a really fuckin good hip hop dj. He's been in the scene for years, DJ'd alongside the likes of Qbert and opened for Mos Def before, worked with most of the major local hip hop bands.

But he made the switch to dubstep about 2 years ago. The results have been pretty amazing to watch and listen to live. You can hear his mixes on SoundCloud, but here he is performing at Lotus in a YouTube vid (the visuals really help), on the same stage I did about 6 months earlier.

And Fuck David Guetta. With a capital, bold f. He just plays top 40 eurotrash, jumps around with sunglasses on and looks all French for the chicks. That's what he does. In a DJ battle, Packo could spin him underneath tha mothafuckin earth.

(ps I don't know why YouTube insists on embedding my entire video playlist but thats what it does now)


  1. That's some solid action. It's interesting to see how far 'DJing' has come in terms of the techniques used to produce live audio for dancing folk. I noticed him doing very sorts of tweaking, stuttering, and triggering of samples in addition to the mixing of tracks. It's like the term 'DJ' now refers more to the setting of the performance than to the techniques used.

  2. I find it frustrating how it's not easy to edit comments. The only way I've found is to copy the contents of the original comment, delete it, then paste into a new comment and fix the mistakes. Not clean.

  3. Ya its most uncleen. I used to do that but now I just do the lazy 'chat style' self correct thing with the asterisk cuz im a lazy man.