Monday, November 05, 2012

Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool

Greetings potential Celebrity Death Pool Necromongers!

Below is a list of rules that will help you pick your celebrities. This is just a partial list of the rules and point system, and the complete list will be posted once the site launches.

A couple of main rules that must be adhered to are:

  1. Thou shalt not murder thy picks. Don’t be a dick. You will be punished on many levels.

  2. If you find anything on this site offensive, you are retarded. If you are offended…immediately leave this site, go away, and just let us heathens have our fun. We are not hurting anyone.
How to Play
  1. Pick twenty (20) celebrities. Per Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, a celebrity is “a famous or celebrated person.”

  2. When one of your celebrities dies, you will receive 100 points minus their age. Example – If Lindsay Lohan dies, you would receive 74 points (100 minus her age, which is 26) plus any bonus points that apply.

  3. Here are a few examples of bonus points. The complete list will be posted once the site is launched.

    • 25 Points - “Solo Pick”. Your dead Celebrity is not picked by anyone else in your pool.
    • 25 Points - Celebrity dies from an accidental drug or alcohol overdose. Confirmed by toxicology before the end of the pool year.
    • 25 Points - Dies of breast cancer in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  4. No animals are allowed for picks.

  5. Only 1 celebrity per pick.

  6. No celebrities on Death Row will be allowed for obvious reasons.

  7. DSCDP takes no responsibility for the death, dismemberment, harm, or diminishment of well-being of any celebrity or person.


  1. I assume Vegas could never be in on this action, because that would lead to many a murder.

  2. Most likely.

    And talking about imperfect seasons, God has the longest record going. Everything he's ever made - has died. His record is 0 - 23,581,453,072,543,101

  3. I guess its more accurate to say that _was_ his record before the world ended in Dec 2012.