Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The latest Intrade odds

Awww shit son. Obama be movin up, quite significantly, in addition to yesterday's 3% gain:



UPDATE: Electoral predictions as of 6:00 pm EST

UPDATE II: My L.A. homie Vin's vote. No, its not Vin Scully. But I do consider him an honorary homeboy.

UPDATE III: The post-announcement Intrade finals, 11:30 EST

You can still pick up some Romneyshares at 11 cents a pop. Whoops its 9 cents now.


Mondu said...

Looks like he's got it. I'm still watching that page to see if Romney makes some unprecedented move before some crazy shit happens.

cyrusfx said...

Pretty fascinating day. I watched the electoral maps on both RealClearPolitics and Intrade for much of the day, reading news stories and checking Facebook in between. Here are some of the days highlights:

-ski became legal in 2 states (so did gay marriage but thats incredibly less pertinent to my lifestyle)!

-George W. accidentally voted for Obama

-Donald Trump told his Twitter followers that a revolution was in order

-there's a YouTube video of a voting machine that checks Romney's name when the voter taps on Obama's

-also, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, George Will and Rush Limbaugh were all wrong in their assured predictions, and there should be a law that prevents people from ever taking them seriously again

Mondu said...

Too bad WA and CO aren't contiguous. If they were they could secede and form the United Ski Front. Wonder how long before the rest of country hops on that bandwagon. Voting machines suck. There's a good doc on utube called 'Hacking Democracy' , originally aired on HBO. There should be a law preventing those 4 people from ever existing again.

I could have bulleted these points but I didn't. Enjoy the packed miscellanea.

cyrusfx said...

The United Ski Front, also known as U-Ski, should consist of the entire west coast, the northeast coast, and then Colorado and New Mexico. And Hawaii.

When revolution time comes, all the smart people will be high, but all the dumb people will be dumb, so the battle will be pretty evenly matched.

The Skiers will have control of the usual Liberal, fag-bastioned homosanctuaries such as L.A. and S.F., but also high altitude places like CO, where the mouth breathers will be unable to invade due to lack of logistical support and unfamiliarity with the terrain.