Friday, November 23, 2012

This Friday's List - most listened-to tracks since 2006

And of course this only reflects songs I listen to on my computer or iPod, that are not in mixes (mixes take up about half of my music listening time). Proud to say that only 26.7% of my Top 15 is dubstep, 13.3% is Radiohead to keep it real, and surprisingly, jazz is the big winner with 40%. The remainder is rounded out by hip hop, instrumental hip hop and Aphex Twin. Overall, I would say its a pretty strange grouping.

I wonder what Ham Rove would have to say about this... Ham Rove, your opinion please?

.... Okay, we'll just go to commercial break and give you a chance to gather your thoughts. Back after this, Ham Rove explains trickle-down economics theory and why money in politics is a good thing.


  1. That ham looks like silly putty.

  2. I broke my promise to not post about politics, but at least the header and main subject weren't about politics.

  3. Jazz has become my main source of harmonic and melodic satisfaction. I really dig the 50s-60s stuff: bop, hard bop, post bop or whatever. I cant really figure out the differences. I just know that those guys play lots of nice notes with nice articulations that make me feel at home in the universe. Maybe my time with ninjam has opened me up to the joys of improvisation. Thats pretty much all I practice on the guit fiddle these days. After I post this I'm going to explore relationship between the m7b5 arp and a M7 arp a half step down. It's nice.

  4. I just possess Miles Davis: Birth of Cool. After that, I can't really get into it until John Coltrane's My Favorite Things, and then of course his later stuff, and everything Miles Davis did between 1968-1974.

  5. But there's a literally incomprehensible amount of fantastic "nu-jazz" out there. Forgot to add that to my last comment.

    I met a really hot asian/local chick tonight that is a financial advisor for independently wealthy clients. Her name was Lauren. I'd like to find the accented e to show you how much I appreciated her so I could spell her name correctly but I'm too drunk. And then she had a boyfriend, so fuck her. or not. i'm drunk.