Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why I'm still pretty certain Obama's gonna be president again

People be bettin real money on this shit, even though the biggest bid today was only worth about $40k... If it were hundreds of millions of dollars involved, I assume it would mean Obama would assuredly win the next election, but maybe Intrade is just more reflective of the internet culture and therefore has a younger bias of customers who are mainly rooting for Obama.

We should pick up a few thousand Ron Paul shares right now and try to create an internet buzz that there is a huge, unaccounted-for bloc of RP voters that do not participate in polls, and that millions of 18-21 year-olds are going to show up to vote for the first time for RP. Then we buy some more shares and try to inflate the price, selling all our shares right before election night.

Even if the RP share price rose only a few cents, you could triple or quadruple your investment.


  1. From now until the election I will end every sentence with, '...just don't vote for Romney.' And if you see Ron Paul on the street, thank him for the effort and then call him a pussy.

  2. If I saw Ron Paul on the street I'd be like, "R.P., my man, what are you doing in a nondescript part of urban Honolulu? Waikiki is _that_ way, playa. Shouldn't you have a town car or some shit anyways? Where's your driver at? Stay up R.P., I'm about to go grab some Taco Bell."