Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's twice as evil as 6/6/6.

Twelve: so small yet so divisible.  All those juicy intervals packed into a twelve slot space.  Lord bless this glorious number even though you have forsaken us with your absence. 

Don't forget to xxfukallfakeazzkrabzxx.


cyrusfx said...

On 12/12/12 bloods and crips must unite, come together to fight the surenos who are invading your blocks, taking your corners as we speak. Its all about family son. Gotta put our differences aside and battle a common enemy that battles us.

Fuck 13
Fuck la eme
Fuck TF, all Avenues, White Fence, Dogtown and all Surx13

13killa out

cyrusfx said...

Fuck MS, ALS, ADHD and AIDS.

Huge Larry said...

I'd probably side with the Crips, just because I prefer blue over red.

cyrusfx said...


C-Killa 4 Life

Yo you bes watchyoself homie

Because I identify more with the color red. It makes me happy upon sight. However, the color blue tends to have the opposite effect. I will not be held responsible for potential violence or undue harm upon your person if you flagrantly wear such colors on the premises set hereforth:

Rosecrans and San Pedro to the northeast

Alondra and Figueroa to the southwest

Thank you for your understanding.

Big Blood Brothers Lucky Charmin out

(ps: fuck all surenos)

Huge Larry said...

kill-R-B-killt z what i say, son.

imma c how many video games i can play 2day