Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 days, 3 hours, 22 minutes remain

Yes, it's true, the apocalypse is almost upon us. That sneaky bastard, faking us out so many times over the years, only to leave us disappointed. I've got a good feeling about this one, though. Sure, the Mayans didn't seem to predict their own demise, but surely that's just because they were looking too far into the future predicting ours. Anyway, I for one hope it all fucking burns. If there's any earth left over, rest assured I'll be salting it. I was really hoping to hang out with everyone before it all went down, but Kevin doesn't seem to exist again (I swear I hung out with him a couple of months ago, but that must have just been the LSD), Cy is in Hawaii, and Josh appears to have not been in Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. Cody was down, though, and that was awesome. So, in the event this fake Mayan apocalypse turns out to be fake, we should all hang out soon, or at least you should all take turns hanging out with me. In the event this shit is real and we all survive only to find ourselves adrift in a post-apocalyptic nightmare wonderland, we should all meet up somewhere, like maybe the log.


  1. Well its been fun all.

    Pearl Harbor is likely one of the first places to get nuked, and the average ICBM delivers enough megatonnage to vaporize the entire island.

    Mr. Lydon will likely be the next to go, but the remaining Cleansmen will probably survive until they succomb (sp.) to the effects of nuclear winter and/or radioactive fallout.

    At least they'll get to witness the rise of the zombies.

  2. Predictions of end times are frequent enough that the actual world ender is likely to land close to one of the predictions. At that moment, the tards will say "Told ya so," but the statisticians will know better.

  3. Speaking of ICBMs, I recommend that each of you buy this game on Steam:


    I've been playing this a lot recently, and it really delivers in a big way. Playing this game, I feel as though I'm the decision maker in the bunker who's making the last-minute, key decisions that will help keep my country's population mostly alive in the face of unrelenting death from above.

    Buy it. It will give you more hours of enjoyment than the sandwich you could buy for the same amount of money... and if you get it, we can try multiplayer.