Monday, December 24, 2012

I think there could be something to this

Except it would have a more original title. And to make it different from the GTA series (particularly GTA San Andres), it would be more of a strategy/sim, turn-based game, where you build your gang and hood up from scratch, turn-by-turn, similar to how you build an empire in Civilization.

You first claim certain turf, recruit members and perform illicit activities so you can upgrade your arms and expand your territory. I could probably make a Civ mod that accomplishes this but I don't have that kind of time on my hands for a free product. I'd rather spend a year actually designing my own game to try to sell it. ... With a team of willing developers and writers, naturally.

Your "cities" are blocks and your new units are recruited cliques ("Young G's"). You can assign them to do different tasks or learn different specialties, like tagging, home invasion, narcotics sales or random acts of thuggery to subjugate the populace and intimidate other gang members. After making some dough, you can upgrade your knife-wielding foot soldiers to SUVs with AKs, and rims if you have the cash to blow. As your cliques age, they gain more experience in their specialty and become "OG's." You can try to dominate everybody through drivebys and street warfare or form alliances out of convenience to thwart rival gangs and the po-po.

Don't attract too much negative press and get slapped with a gang injunction though, otherwise the police start battling you on sight until you are weakened down to a single clique. Or you save up to hire a lawyer to overturn the injuction (costs a shitload of money - only 50% success rate - but you can always put a hit out on him if he loses). Potential side missions/goals galore, like completion of the Watts Towers gives you more unification among among your cliques. Producing a gold-record artist from your record studio also gives you a sweet respect bonus.

I might make a flow chart of the different game elements and how they interact and you guys can code it up for me. I know that's the first thing you want to do when you come home from work. When I have even more time to kill I'll post a detailed layout.

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  1. I would definitely play that game if it was executed in a clean fashion. BTW, happy birthday Mr. Rus.