Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is the most humourous thing you did this week...

...excluding explicitly humourous things like joke telling, comedy script writing, etc?

I've been using the username 'poon' when I log on to ninjam for listening purposes.  I think that's a great name that brings real excitement to the jam environment.


  1. I created a heavyweight boxer in Fight Night 4 named Phil Collins, who is significantly more massive than his real-life counterpart, and can take quite a licking. He can't punch for shit, though. So its comedy to beat the crap out of him with Mike Tyson. I like busting up Phil's face with cuts and massive swelling, its empowering.

  2. I've got nothing. This week has been starkly unfunny.

    Regarding fighter Phil, it's a shame that developers don't make hot content packs which allow you to import different celebs into various games. I suppose they'd have problems with likeness rights. Oh well.

    Then again... maybe it's the act of trying to reproduce people in the character creator which accounts for 95% of the fun. I used to love the old NBA 2K games, which had very loose limits on all the parameters, so you could create some real mutants with extremely unnatural features. I made a whole team of mongoloids, with the likes of:

    Harry Majestic (huge calves and small everywhere else, black man with blonde hair)

    The Elephant Man (totally out of proportion in every way, but with a mean 3-point shot)

    Wang Sizemoguchi (super-tall Asian as skinny as a preying mantis)

    Mr. Mutant (I only remember the name, but I'm sure he was ugly)

    ...and a few others.