Monday, December 10, 2012

What up bloods?

Bloods be bloodin' big forever. Big up Blood Alliance. Bloodlife = A #1

Fruit Town Weeners
Dirty Worthingtons
99th St. Stoners
Lance Armstrongs



Mondu said...

Thug speak. blu azz krabs blog

Mondu said...

thug life 4eva

Mondu said...


cyrusfx said...

Fuck the fake ass genital crabs

Fuck the west side

Fuck the 323, the 310 and the 818

Fuck Los Angeles County

Fuck Cali

Fuck the U.S.A.

Fuck Earth

Fuck the solar system

Fuck the Milky Way

Fuck the universe

Fuck the multiverse

Fuck God.

- W84th Blood out

Mondu said...

My loyalty to the aforementioned youth gang is unimpeachable and will constitute the guiding principle for my future criminal and social endeavors. In addition, I do not recognize the legitimacy of any other youth organization not directly allied with mine. Care should be taken such that those unfamiliar with our ways not find themselves embroiled in an unfortunate misunderstanding. Thank you for you consideration homie.